Do You Want to Know How I Manage to Make My Dog Get Along with My Furniture?

If your dog bites up your furniture, dog destroys everything at your home, don’t blame it blindly. Otherwise, it will feel wronged, and some dogs like Husky will even behave against your likings.

There are some reasons accounting for dogs’ tendency of biting things, shown as follows:

  1. At the stage from 3~6 months old, a puppy will grow out deciduous teeth 1 month after its birth, which will be replaced by permanent teeth in when it is 3 to 4 months old. During this period, as the deciduous teeth are falling out while new teeth keep popping up, biting something will not only relieve the puppy’s discomfort from the process, but also help the new teeth make their way through the gums smoothly.                                                                                                                        A1 A2
  2.  When a puppy has grown up, it will also bite on furniture if it is bored, because this is a means by which it can explore the unknown world.
  3. For a dog that has just moved into a new house, the new environment will make it very curious. If it is left by its own for too long, it tends to bite up and scratch things that have the strongest smell at home to express its wish to the owner that it is in need of care.                                                                                                        B1    B2
  4. Just like humans, pets also like toys, which can exercise their brain and senses even if their owners are not at home.


Dogs are born with an instinct to bite things. If you don’t prepare toys for them to bite, they will surely rummage something just for nibbling. For the sake of your dog’s health, you shouldn’t totally forbid it from biting things. All you need is something for biting so that your dog won’t bite up your furniture. You can choose suitable dog toys for your dog according to its likings and so on. pet supplies manufacturer designs dog cat toy according to the love to the pets and stop dog destroys everything.:

Food Dispenser Playing Toy, Squeak Toys, Balls, Chew Toys, Flying Discs, Ropes and others

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  1. You can smear something pungent and hated by your dog (like lemon juice) on furniture on which your dog likes biting, such as table legs and chairs.
  2. It needs to be noted, especially for owners who have kids at home, that it is better to make all the electric wires at home fixed with tapes and to put all chemical cleaning products and medicine, lest miserable accidents happen.
  3. After your dog has got its toy, you can swear some gravy or peanut butter on the toy, and you can smear other food on it so that your dog will taste other flavors for a change. Or you can rub the toy so hard that you rub your own smell into it. Such a toy is sure to be fonded very much by your pet.
  4. If your puppy is in the process of permanent teeth replacing deciduous teeth, you can give it some little ice cubes for chewing on, or you can freeze a small towel in your refrigerator for it to bite, because the cool feeling may temporarily paralyze the pain from teeth growing.

The more care your pet gets, the less tendency of biting up things it will have. As long as your pet is living a happy and content life, with you always being around, your pet won’t bite up anything available any longer.

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