Space Cat Carrier , Cats are born with a sense of nobility as if they consider the whole world beneath their notice. No matter what you are doing, most of their sudden glances release the same message, which is “you stupid human, come here quickly to shovel shits”.

Space Cat Carrier New Design Pet Supplies in 2016

In order to conform to its cool and elegant temperament, a series of space-capsule style pet bags have been launched in the pet supplies market and are well received by many pet lovers around the world. Among which, the double-shoulder container bag is one of the most practical styles.

Space Cat Carrier Pet Carriers Outdoor Backpack

The most dazzling design is the hemispherical glass window on the back, which allows the cat in the bag to see its surroundings, so that its tension due to being kept in a confined space can be released. The bag is manufactured with non-toxic and washable materials. Being compliance with the requirements of International Air Transport Association, the bag can be brought onto the plane.

Space Cat Carrier Pet Backpack

In the same series, there are also the ordinary style, the single-shoulder bag style, the hand bag style and even the suitcase style to satisfy multiple demands. The appearance of the bag can be designed and customized and the OEM can be provided.

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A series of space-capsule style pet bags have been launched in the pet supplies market, Wholesale Space Cat Carrier please feel free to email, we have stock.