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Stainless Steel Dog Hair Rake Double Needle Pet Grooming Tools

Stainless steel dog hair rake is a wonderful choice to remove the large amounts of dog/cat’s fur. Stay your room clean.
1, To promote blood circulation: in the process of combing the cats and dogs,comb needle massage the skin repeatedly, which is helpful to promote blood circulation of pets and increase skin resistance,eliminate love pet body fatigue.
2, To reduce hair loss: often carding, shedding will be combed down along the comb and not fall out of all over the room: clothes, the room dead ends, bed etc
3, Avoid hair knot: especially for long-haired dog/cat.It is a wonderful choice to avoid hair entanglement, knotting, mat together.
4, Timely detection of trauma, skin disease: in the process of combing, the owner can promptly found the cat and dog body whether there are trauma, skin problems, get the best treatment time.
5, To make your dog/cat beautiful: regular carding could stimulate hair follicles and make pet‘s fur smooth and shiny fur.

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  • Stainless Steel Dog Hair Rake Double Needle Pet Grooming Tools
  • Model No.: MG4773
  • Type: Pet grooming tools
  • Material: TPE+PP+ Stainless steel needle
  • Color: Red
  • Size: Overall Length 15cm Width 8.8cm
    Long Needle 2.6cm Short Needle 2.2cm
  • Packing & Shipping:
    1-Individual opp bag package;
    2-Delivery time is about 15-20days after payment;
Size Overall Length Width Long Needle Short Needle
15cm ≈ 5.90″ 8.8cm ≈ 3.46″ 2.6cm  ≈ 1.02“ 2.2cm  ≈ 0.87″
There may be a little difference because it’s measured by hand , pls understand . Thanks .  ( All measurements in cm and pls note 1cm=0.39inch 1inch=2.54cm)

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