Our company attended the Pet Fair Asia during August 18 to August 21, 2016. Many exhibitors released new products at the fair, which are not available for sales at online stores like Amazon, Ebay or Alibaba yet.

Dog-use Goggles;

Dog use goggles

Fashionable pet clothes (such as Heated warm-keeping clothes tailored for small pets and bacteria-proof pet clothes);


Cat-use intelligent water dispenser;

cat-use intelligent water dispenser

Hand-made knitted pet bed by Ukrainian designer;

Hand-made knitted Dog Bed Hand-made knitted pet Bed

Now we would like to introduce some promising products at the fair, products potential to be hot sellers in future, since these new products at the Pet Fair Aisa, to some extent, represent the trend in the pet industry.

Megoopet manufacture pet supplies such as dog bed, cat tree ect.

Dog Harness for Sports or Outdoor Walking 

Large Dog Harness Nylon Outdoor Reflective Pet Walking Lead

LED Dog Collar to Increase Safety and Visibility

Dog Safety Collar Skull Print Electric LED Pet Collars Light Flashing

Hands Free Dog Leash

Hands Free Dog Leash

Hereby we’d also like to talk a bit about the pet supplies market in the pet industry.

China is the one of biggest pet products exporter in the world, with some major products including: Pet Bed, Dog Collars, Pet Leashes, Dog Clothes, Cat Toys.

The United States is the biggest market of pet affiliated goods in North America, with a total retail sales volume of 4.1 billion dollars. The US has a population of 280 million, 99.5 million households, of which 59% raise at lease one pet, totaling 150 million.

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