First of all, you need to know the benefits if a dog wears clothes:

  1. Keep the dog warm and stay away from cold: as for dogs that are thin and have a small physique and a low fat content, such as Chihuahua and mini Doberman Pinscher, wearing clothes can keep them warm and reduce the risk of getting caught by illness.
  2. Keep the dog clean: Bathing your dog too often may cause skin problems to it. Wearing clothes will keep your dog clean for a long time and take off some of your burden of cleaning your dog.
  3. In summer, houses are often air-conditioned for a long time, so the floor is cool. Wearing clothes will prevent your dog from getting cold in the tummy or catching a cold.

Be aware of the fabric composition while you are choosing clothes for your dog like Chihuahua, lest your dog develop a skin infection.


While buying clothes for your dog: how to choose a suitable size? would like to share you some common knowledge about how to measure dog.

From the perspective of a pet, its sizes ought to contain the size of neck, breast, and length.

  1. The size of breast: Measure dog breast from a bit back of the front legs, and having leeway of 2 to 3cm will be better.               How to assess the size of breast: Except for sweaters, clothes that shape your dog’s breast too perfectly won’t give your dog comfort in wearing or convenience in walking. So the size of breast should be larger by 2cm.
  1. The length of body: Measure it from the back of the neck to the tail base. Make sure that your pet stands straight with its body fully relaxed while you measure it. Don’t let it be prostrate or lie on the floor.                                                       How to assess the length of body: If the clothes are a bit shorter, a bit of the bums won’t be covered. If the clothes are a bit longer, part of the tail will be covered, or its pee will be splashed on the clothes easily. In general, a range of 1-6cm is basically passable.
  1. The size of neck: It is the perimeter of your dog’s neck, or the perimeter of the part around which you put a neck strap on your dog.  Having leeway of 2 to 3cm will be better.


The three parts mentioned above are just the most basic parts to be measured to make pets’ clothes. In order to make more exquisite clothes, in general, Megoopet will also measure dog about the length of the legs, the distance between the front legs, the length of the hind body part (which can be a little shorter for male and a little longer for female), and so on.

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For you, who have a good taste and stand bang on the trend, having your dog wearing clothes matching your wear will all the more reflect your good taste and your care for your dog. Come on, for the sake of your dog’s health and fashion, choose the best clothes for it.

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