Husky is not only adorable, or a greedy kid. They are so excited when see some delicious food.Parents are not stingy to feed them meat and vagetables times. The question is that if it is good for husky to eat sugar?

What If My Husky Eats Sugar?

Husky eat suger wear-dog-clothes-superman-for-haloween

Here are some points:

1. Damage teeth: Husky Eats Sugar is bad for their teeth, can easily lead to periodontitis and bad breath.

2. Cause hair removal: Sugar can aggravate the huskies stomach burden caused by endocrine disorders and even hair removal.

3. Becoming fatter: eating too much sugar will let husky fatter, can cause such as fatty liver disease, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, damage to the movement, body cycle, reproductive system.

4. Cause diarrhea: Husky’s digestive system is different to other animals, a dog ‘digestive system can not secrete decomposition disaccharides (such as sucrose, etc.), once eating large amounts of sucrose or fructose, within the digestive tract can form hypertonic environment, plenty of fluids into the lumen, resulting in diarrhea.

Husky Eats Sugar little is ok, but only a healthy dog and a small amount Such as milk are calcium supplements;. Yogurt can help these Huskies regulate gastrointestinal; summer Huskies can eat less sweet popsicle to relieve summer-heat.

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