Dogs are the most loyal companions for human beings and they can live for about 13 years; 70% of their time is spent in sleeping; sleep is important not only for human health, but also for dog’s.

A newborn dog require to sleep for 22 hours a day, puppies releasing growth hormone when sleeping, then please ensure the puppies get enough sleep to grow well. Adult dogs sleep about 15 hours a day.

Tips: Although dogs no fixed time for sleep, they usually sleep at around noon or at 2:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. Sleep free which is their nature and instinct.

How to ensure your dog sleeping well:

The advantages of sleeping in the dog Bed:

Best Dog Beds Cartoon Princess Dog House
Removable Round Dog Bed

  1. Comfortable: dogs require a Soft Fleece Dog Bed, Foam Padded Pet Bed to get into a deep sleep.
  2. Safe feeling: dogs like sleeping with things against their back in a small space. Dog Bed House, Dog Cave Beds can meet their requirments of sleeping environment.
  3. Easy to clean: Provide a clean and sanitary environment for dogs and keep your home clean.
  4. Dogs can sleep on the floor or sleep in Dog Bed Cushion in summer, but they need a Winter Dog Bed which belong to itself in winter. Even the health dogs may carry germs. So it is unfavorable to let them sleep in your bed and sofa for a long time. In addition, your bedtime is different from that of dogs which will influence sleep quality of each other.
  5. Giving a bite-resistant bed such as Indestructible Dog Bed ,Chew Proof Dog Bed for dogs can keep them from biting your furniture.

Tips: Please choose a doghouse for your dog based on his sleep habit and choose 100% cotton material as much as possible which can reduce dog’s skin problems and prevent electrostatic phenomenon.

Dog Cave BedsMulti-functional dog bed

Sleeping alarm: did your dog often suffers from the following problem?

  1. The dog is not active during daytime.
  2. They suddenly doesn’t like dog food.
  3. Color of dog hair fades and the dog sheds hair.
  4. Puppies has a bad memory and often makes mistakes.
  5. The dog’s nose is always dry.

Is your dog sleeping well? If the dog doesn’t get enough sleep, his working capability will decrease with many faults and his mood will become bad. Performances of the dog that have insufficient sleep are as follows: he lies down on floor whenever he gets a chance and is not willing to stand up; he often yawns; his eyes become dull and he can’t concentrate his mind.

Specials: according to scientific certification, 80% of frequent problems of dogs are relevant to sleep. If your dog is suffering from these problems, he needs a doghouse to let him enter deep sleep.

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