Nowadays, most of people chose the pets to accompany. As a loving pet owner it is always a top priority to find the best products for your dog. While there are plenty of choices of pet food&water bowls, you can follow these simple criteria to help figure out which might be best for you and your new pet.

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Bowl Size:
Ensure the bowl you choose is large enough for your pet to access and can hold the proper portions of food. Size is especially important when it comes to water bowls. Ensure the water bowl you choose holds enough fresh water to keep your pet hydrated all day.

Consider The Materials:

Plastic bowls Plastic bowls: Plastic pet bowls are an ideal option because they don’t break easily. However, they’re not great dog food bowls for those who might chew on them – because small, indigestible pieces of plastic can be broken off.
Stainless steel bowls Stainless steel bowls: The most durable option, stainless steel is also easy to clean. Vets love stainless steel bowls because they can be sanitized quickly. Another plus: Most styles have a rubber bottom to prevent sliding.
Ceramic bowls Ceramic bowls: If your pet tends to push his bowl around when eating, a ceramic pet bowl can provide more weight to help minimize movement. They should be cleaned and sanitized daily because of their porous surface.


Determine Whether Special Features Could be Helpful

Dog Elevated Feeders Elevated Feeders: Elevating bowls off the ground can help improve pet posture and digestion. Raised dog food bowls can also offer some relief to dogs with stiff joints. Another plus: Elevated dog food bowls help prevent spillage.
Dog Electronic feeders Dog Electronic automatic feeders: Auto waterers provide a constant supply of filtered water so your dog or cat can stay hydrated. And the water circulates continuously, minimizing bacteria.
Dog Gravity feeders Gravity feeders: While they’re undeniably convenient, gravity feeders aren’t right for pets that have a tendency to overeat. This behavior can lead to illness or, in the longer term, obesity – so be sure your pet is a responsible eater before choosing this option.